Nashville – Fall ’16

Australia > Vietnam > Japan – Winter ’17

France > Germany > England – Summer ’17


Perhaps, an extension of my journal. Maybe, copy-and-paste? I don’t know how frequently I will be posting on this Blog. I have an ambition. It’s not exactly a clandestine project. I wish it wasn’t the spine of my everyday consciousness. But it is. It thrills, it kills me. I become wholly aware of every neuron in my brain, the temperature rising, maybe my heart will implode. It’s being turned inside out. A man creates his own motivation, thanks for providing it. It’s a test of intellect, will, courage and ultimately my job.

Where have I deviate? When I was in grade 1, I didn’t spoke little to no English despite being in Canada for 3 years by then. Autumn of ’97, my teacher also taught me in summer school. Under her tutelage, I grew from an underachiever to an overachiever. 69×5=345 From grade 3 on, I was complacent. I practiced truancy in high school, showed up for exam and pass it with good marks. Befuddling some of my teachers.I never discovered my intellect until I left College. So whatever they say, I learned in books. If you’re reading a book, I must know what you’re reading.

Most of the females; I don’t know them personally. I can’t remember of all their faces. Their names, I don’t know. I’m not alone in saying this. There has been a lot of them, without me even saying a word. Zero. I don’t know why, man. You can laugh, Goliath. I’m not exactly an asshole, I’m just better at other things.

Yesterday, I was roaming around the cemetery, searching for my dad’s grave. You know something? The ones who die young…..

Do I have regrets in my life? I don’t have to answer that question. This isn’t VHS. I will say this, I have to be my past, present and future every single day. If you don’t know what I am talking about; you will soon.

Not that I’m young, but this status quo. It’s a tent. Not a house. There is no destination, there is only a a journey.


(….Gonna need to buy some clothes now)